a highly flexible file manager with plugin interface
current release: 1.0.2959
state: production-stable


Shallot is a file manager with the maximum degree of flexibility and customizability.

Some features:

  • Unlimited number of file panels
  • Lots of customization options, e.g.
    • directory tree can be hidden and is flexible in behavior
    • lots of view options
    • program behavior
    • ...
    • while conserving a good usability
  • It nicely works with convoluted file systems, like editing an image in an archive in another archive on a network drive.
  • It has a plugin interface which allows one to implement many additional functionality (like new filesystems) with Python scripting, without any compiler hassles.
  • It is Qt5 based and plays nicely with modern Linux desktops. See the downloads which other operating systems are supported (maybe with a few slight limitations).


shallot is distributed under the terms of the GPLv3 or higher license. This also affects all included files without a license header (non-source files like images), unless they are explicitly mentioned as third-party content. Read the Dependencies section for included third-party stuff.


The following documentation is available:

Scripting Documentation


Developer Documentation


The following content is available for download. Please also check for requirements.

Note: Use at your own risk!

Debian/Ubuntu AMD64 package

sha256sum: 20e89f6cfe519d2b51f87bfe0bef63a2dcd4ae0224040a44aa95e95aa4ad5ccc
created: 2017-11-17 21:01         size: 25.9 MB
sha256sum: c6b4e48759cf055dcde6991cb23168c5ab5ffa5e8d9af90d23628c09a9683894
created: 2017-09-16 02:51         size: 24.2 MB
sha256sum: bc4329941e100355ce8eb6f6135b0d64e61428fe66ac8e09593d9d03a8225da8
created: 2017-06-15 22:39         size: 23.0 MB

Windows package

sha256sum: 72340a830c9bcd378a3e849b911e5c0f017c7d2937a726509fc2e86c1d6c9ca4
created: 2017-11-17 21:05         size: 38.2 MB
sha256sum: 233e4e4bee65e679f2effab90e62a2e00425f289b0821c4bb78d26438d7a6ecd
created: 2017-09-16 02:54         size: 38.1 MB
sha256sum: c9e8501aa9b977553be5173491c767f7ce9e74f49c3a313d1e1b30c75e3bb720
created: 2017-06-15 22:42         size: 38.0 MB

source tarball

build with qmake or qtcreator
sha256sum: 4b7340771e6507e494f348cab7433191c50637c7ac6b369a979f321c0b041314
created: 2017-11-17 21:05         size: 3.8 MB
sha256sum: 6ce0b1850404d7522d6e85be868dc05b1ac6aacdf844d4c25ba9313e00d95f8f
created: 2017-09-16 02:50         size: 3.8 MB
sha256sum: bf09e4f7aea6df5de8f0705e47a9dca982e20c77661ef8ce2806546a7866a94b
created: 2017-06-15 22:38         size: 3.6 MB

There are external parts which are used by shallot. Many thanks to the projects and all participants.
Typical GNU/Linux Desktop recommended (maybe has alternatives)
Qt5 required
Python 3.4 required
Glib (for gio) optional
libsecret optional
font 'Symbola' included : for logo symbol; free for use; copied from here.
banner image included : meta/homepage_bannerimage.png; license CC BY-SA 3.0; copied from [here](
icon set 'Elegant Font' included : files 'icons/*.from.elegant_font.*'; license; see homepage.
all files in /_meta included : if not mentioned otherwise, Copyright 2015 Josef Hahn under license CC BY-SA 3.0 license.


Browsing /etc
Two-list mode with thumbnails activated on the left side
Plugins can implement new things at many places.
Settings Management dialog
Three file views
gallery0/v_shallot001.mp4|||Screencast: First steps
gallery0/v_shallot002.mp4|||Screencast: File panels and searching
gallery0/v_shallot003.mp4|||Screencast: Plugin development
gallery0/v_shallot004.mp4|||Screencast: Windows

Change Log

The last changes brought the following improvements.

2017-10-03 (1.0.2927)
  • Icon view thumbnails are now also available for pdf files (if 'ImageMagick' is available).
2017-10-03 (1.0.2924)
  • Icon view thumbnails are now also available for video files (if 'ffmpeg' is available).
  • Rewritten 'Open' action, also more compatible with specifications.
  • The details panel now also shows thumbnails (when file list is not in icon mode anyway).
2017-09-27 (1.0.2846)
  • Icon view thumbnails are now also available for text files.
  • It's now possible to choose between flat and tree view of search results.
  • File changes are now also detected on win32.
  • It's now easier to distinguish between selection actions and directory actions in the context menu.
  • Optional support for libsecret as password storage.
2017-09-16 (1.0.2699)
  • Icon-mode file list improved.
  • Minor bug fixing and stability improvements.


Publisher: Josef Hahn, Boxgraben 112-114, 52064 Aachen, Germany | website: | mail:


If you have funny rants about shallot itself or about some techniques it uses, some constructive feedback, a cool patch or a mysterious problem, feel free to mail it to

Please use the bugtracker if you have found an error in the software.