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Firefox pickpocket

Well, I always loved Firefox as a full-fledged browser with a fair attitude towards freedom and open-ness. I never participated on hate-driven discussions about its resource greed or imperfect performance. However, this times are mostly gone. Firefox has a deep Google integration (far beyond just a registered search engine; but I admit that this is really old stuff), builtin Digital Restriction Management, advertizing on the start page, and so on. While Mozilla more and more is in the business of embellishing this browser with all kinds of Orwellian and commercial crap, the biggest difference to Chrome is that it is technically worse. And since the latest 'feature' of that crazy browser is a deep integration of yet another cloud service, I'm more and more thinking about kicking that piece of crap away in favor of that equally unfree but technically better Chrome browser. This _is_ a lose-situation at least for me, but whatsoever, I seem to have not really a choice (since always spending hours for manually disabling all kinds of creepy un-services after each installation does not seem to be a sane option to me). What a pity!

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