a web widget library
current release: 0.2.1225
state: production-stable


Clove is a user interface library for the web, which offers a powerful browser-side JavaScript toolkit for composing rich and neat web application frontends.

Clove is designed to get work done.

  • Integrating Clove is easy! Just one or two scripts and one style to be added to your existing html before you can begin.
  • The programming interface is easy! No esoteric tricks for simple things. It's 100% standard JavaScript, running inside the browser, with a clean api.
  • A rich and complete set of widgets is included. This goes from labels and buttons to data views like tables and trees. It's easy to implement custom widgets.
  • All widgets can be used either stand-alone in your existing document flow or completely managed by the powerful Clove layouting system.
  • It works in all modern web browsers, mobile and desktop, and can help realizing applications working great in both worlds.
  • Beyond widgets, Clove comes with many kind of versatile tools for typical tasks, like internationalization, branding, ...
  • It's well documented. Read the Manual for the first steps, to lookup some stuff later on, and for the api reference.
  • There are live demos available, which can be opened in the web browser without any preparation needed.
  • It's a true Free Software project without commercial pro-versions.


clove is distributed under the terms of the GPLv3 or higher license. This also affects all included files without a license header (non-source files like images), unless they are explicitly mentioned as third-party content. Read the Dependencies section for included third-party stuff.


The following documentation is available:


Developer Documentation


The following packages are available. Choose the one which matches your operating system or environment. Please also check for requirements.

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There are external parts which are used by clove. Many thanks to the projects and all participants.
banner image included : _meta/homepage_bannerimage.png; public domain; copied from here.
jquery included : licensed under terms of GPLv2.

Live Demos

Open some of the live demos directly in the browser, without any preparation needed, and try it out. Your browser should also be able to show you the source code once a demo is open.

WidgetShowroom : Overview of the available widgets.

HeinersAsiaShop : Shows a typical full application. Includes many different widgets and common layouting.

Wrap : Wrapping widget alignments.

EditComboBox : Demonstration for combo box and dropdown box.

TabView : Tab views.

ResizeSplitter : Splitted stack views.

ScrollView : Scroll views.

Slider : Sliders for numeric values.

DataView_ComplexContent : Shows complex content in DataView.

DataView_ChangeMenu : Changes in DataView.

DatasourceFiltering_Tree : Example for filtering datasources in trees.

DatasourceFiltering_Table : Example for filtering datasources in tables.

DatasourceSorting : Example for sorting datasources.

DataBindings : Shows data bindings.

DataBindings_Slider : Shows data bindings with Sliders.

DataBindings_More : Shows data bindings together with larger datasources.

Datasource_Menubar : Using datasources for actions in a menu bar.

AsyncDatasource : Asynchronous datasources (e.g. for ajax requests).

AjaxAsyncDatasource : Ajax backed datasources with AjaxAsyncDatasource.

Notifications : Shows notifications.

Events : Own events.

I18N : Internationalization.


Publisher: Josef Hahn, Boxgraben 112-114, 52064 Aachen, Germany | website: | mail:


If you have funny rants about clove itself or about some techniques it uses, some constructive feedback, a cool patch or a mysterious problem, feel free to mail it to